Jessica Nguyen // Bicycle Banh Mi

I hadn’t yet found a job that felt meaningful enough to me. I was looking for something that could shape me as person and become a thing I could wholeheartedly stand behind. Unsure what that looked like, Bicycle Banh Mi has unexpectedly become that for me. For all the things it has given me, taught me and connected me to, this is the passion project I will forever be tied to and will always take pride in. I’ll call it a passion project because at the end of the day, there’s probably too much heart in Bicycle Banh Mi to call it a business.

A big part of this heart comes from my Mom. I get to see her in her element every day. I’ve learned to appreciate her as a caring mother and more importantly recognize her as a strong, soulful, incredible woman in life. We’ve done so much and learned a lot together. Similar to how Bicycle Banh Mi has evolved, so have we. It represents so much of me - all of its fears, flaws, mistakes and imperfections. It’s something that is always trying to be better. Whatever becomes of it and however that looks, I’ll love it and stand behind it 100%