Ash & Lauren

Little Window’s logo and painted sign came about via twins Ashley and Lauren, a hand painter/illustrator and a filmmaker/designer, respectively. The Miami natives moved to the Bay Area from Georgia, where they both attended art school – and were roommates. The two utilize their own specialties for the single purpose of visualizing ideas, being both inspiring artists in their field as well as inspiring sisters. They fully recognize each other's specialties while feeling undoubtedly stronger working together. Currently, they’re in the process of pursuing a dream they’ve had since they were kids: working together in any capacity. This would take form of running a multi-disciplinary studio through which they’ll have the opportunity to concept and execute a project the entire way through. Through art, their business is so ingrained to their identity that it sometimes becomes hard to separate work from personhood. While this sometimes means taking business-related critiques personally, it also means feeling a stronger sense of reward and fulfillment knowing that work is conceived and executed from an original vision. Through and through, it is clear that open and supportive communication between each other and with clients is key toward executing their vision and collaborating in a positive way.