Coleen Orlando // Firebrand Artisan Breads

The window’s daily rotating pastries are supplied by Firebrand Artisan Breads, a bakery known especially for its work with wood-fire ovens. Co-owner, Colleen has been leading the bakery for years before it moved into the beautiful green-tiled, window-lined Broadway location in Oakland, CA. Prior to the retail location, Firebrand's production kitchen was well over capacity. Baking large outputs taught Colleen and her team to be incredibly industrious: she says her approach is more a matter of solving a puzzle, not fixing a problem. Commitment to hard work and to meaningful work is key for Firebrand, and leading a team of bakers that go beyond the job description is key for Colleen, who acknowledges herself inherently being a role model – and even a mother figure – for young bakers. You can see it all happening upon walking into Firebrand. Peer to the left of the marketplace to see the plethora of pastries and breads being baked and crafted in-house, diligently and beautifully.