Sam Baron // Kilogram Tea

Sam wants you to enjoy good tea. As it is, restaurants generally consider tea as secondary to coffee. But as a west coast sales lead for Kilogram Tea – a branch of Chicago-based company Intelligentsia – she’s looking to change that. Communicating the goodness (along with the affordability and the practicality) of quality tea is half her battle, but the values of Kilogram are clear: exceptional tea that is reliable, sustainable, and made with real ingredients. Though Sam has been working with coffee and tea since college in D.C., she didn’t always expect it to be a stable prospective career. Somewhere between working at coffee shops, designing coffee programs, and becoming a lead educator for coffee and teas, Sam has turned her previous side-hustle into an ever growing and changing full-time job. Catch her leading the charge in SF as she helps build out Intelligensia + Kilogram's west coast presence.