Keba Konte // Red Bay Coffee

Little Window’s coffee is made by Red Bay Coffee, a multi-faceted, vibrant coffee roastery that lives and breathes the irresistible Oakland spirit emanated by Keba and his four-legged companion, Greyson. Equally an artist, an entrepreneur, and community figure – and all at once – Keba seems intent on running business with an open mind and a will to evolve. His approach to coffee and food alike appreciates purity while honoring playfulness. It’s the reason why a coconut water Americano seems true to his style – a style that had been cultivated during earlier endeavors. Wanting to center a business around community and art, for one, he started Guerilla Cafe to create an inviting space for both art and fresh, hot buckwheat waffles. Even in crafting hot sauce for Guerilla Cafe, the same rings true: he landed on his signature recipe after removing the noise from more hectic trials and looking to classic Tabasco for inspiration. Red Bay finds it home in the heart of Fruitvale where the warehouse is used as an HQ, community event space and coffee roastery all in one. In Summer of 2016, they opened their coffee box shipping container off Broadway in Oakland. Keba's other cafe space, Chasing Lions (inside CCSF), serves Red Bay coffee as well. Beans are gradually appearing in stores via wholesale – namely, Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods. But it’s clear that Keba’s future isn’t grounded in a way that the business seamlessly evolves. Ten years from now, he says, he could see himself on a coffee farm in Ethiopia – not unplugging, just plugging in somewhere else.